As a result of feedback from business clients, we have established N&P's Quality Assured Cleaning Contract (N&P Cleaning Agency).

This is a brand new service with the highest levels of cleaning standards and customer care. It includes our usual standard of cleaning with additional customer care services and additional guarantees for the customer.

Priority cleaning

With N&P Cleaning Agency the areas of the site are classified into three categories:

Top Priority Areas - these areas will be kept clean at all times through a high standard of cleaning and a number of repeated cleans throughout the day, as agreed.

Normal Priority Areas - these areas are kept to a high standard, with cleaning carried out twice daily, daily or otherwise, as requested by the client.

Low Priority Areas - these areas are kept to a good standard with regular, less frequent cleans, as arranged.

Customer satisfaction & communication programme:

As well as maintaining optimum standards of cleanliness, with N&P Cleaning Agency we keep a continuous dialogue with the Customer's representative and personnel to ensure the cleaning work maintains the promised standards and fulfils the expectations of the customer.

Weekly Cleaning Evaluation Survey - feedback from the Facility Manager on the cleaning standards attained in the past week for each of the three prioritised cleaning areas within the site.

Monthly Personnel Cleaning Evaluation Survey - These surveys are delivered once a month to every employee of the Customer who has a desk.

Quarterly Customer Satisfaction Surveys - N&P Cleaning Agency may conduct quarterly surveys in the form of written questionnaires to staff members of the Customer or in the form of an interview with Facility Manager.

Other forms of communication:

Notice of cleaning work - N&P Cleaning Agency will post small notices at the cleaning site to help the Customer to monitor the cleaning frequencies and the quality of the work.

Standard complaint form - A readily available form which the customer can fax to us should they need to relay any complaints about the cleaning.

We will also provide the Facility Manager with a special checklist for monitoring the cleaning work

N&P's a QACCS Quality Guarantee:

The customer's view of mistakes in the cleaning work is the decisive one.

N&P Cleaning Agency will correct any mistake or omission during the cleaning work, provided the customer informs about such mistakes or omissions by the end of the next business day. If the mistake cannot be corrected and no alternative cleaning work is suggested, N&P Cleaning Agency will refund the Customer 1- 20% of the ongoing month's cleaning bill.

N&P's QACCS is built on research of the wishes of facility managers. This service is based on mapping out the wishes and dislikes of the facility manager before making a quote based on your individual needs. The service concentrates on keeping the customer satisfied and includes an ironclad guarantee of the quality of service. The facility manager's word on complaints is always final and accepted as such.


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